Wednesday, January 1, 2020

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I go by Joe. I grew up in NYC and had a fulfilling time grasping city and country life. I have experienced a lot in that city and lived to tell the tale with a smile. With much appreciation for art and architecture, I have seen as much as one can see in so little time. I'm awed by simplicity and also the many complexities of our built environment. The reasons why I moved to California are obvious; the weather, the architecture, and the gardens. I have a simple view on the built environment. Architecture adjusts the flows of the functions that are propagated within its boundaries. The subjective reaction of its users is something that I hope is positive and productive to their mindsets. As a designer, one would hope the users manifest that mindset when occupying the space and also spreading these values when entering back out into society. Now we get to the part of why would you hire me? When I love something I work hard. Being an AIA architect is something that I would love to become. I am a thinker. I come up with new ideas constantly. I have a good perspective to come up with solutions to the challenges that we are faced with every day in the design process. (<1200 characters)